Kor’ Mog, The Nightmare

Ruler of the City of Riddle

The Information below is unknown outside of the City of Riddle.

History Excerpts

When the Apostles of Kor’ Mog reached the holding chamber, they saw light. The first light other than their torches they had seen and unaware that six months had passed. This light came from a breach in the wall exposing the Apostles to the Fires of the Underworld. This drove half the men insane as they pushed passed those of stronger will, jumping through the breach into the fires below. There standing a dark corner was Kor‘ Mog who states “Those men were not worthy of the Title of Apostles. For you see my brothers I could have escaped this place at anytime, but I was waiting for the Chosen Ones who will be my heralds. Half of you shall follow me through the Underworld to the Crystal Caverns the other half will be my dinner.”
It was then that 5 of the remaining Apostles sliced the throats of 5 of their companions. For the next two years Kor’ Mog and the Apostles travel through the Underwold.

1162 - “Infernus Isomnium”
Finally reaching the City of Riddles (Kor‘ Mog former home) Settled directly below the Crystal Caverns, this was one of the main waypoints the demons used to traverse the plane. It was during the next 18 years Kor’ Mog sacrificed the Acolytes one by one, to spawn his races’ next School The Ridl'men.

“Kor’ Mog looked upon the fallen civilization and cursed the Wanderer, It was then that the Fair One appeared to us to offer him a chance to avenge his fallen people, to revoke his current claims to Solitude and take over The city of Riddle. At which time she explains how Brin, a small village in the Deep Jungle above them was the key to whatever the Wanderer was planning. The Nightmare took this offer without hesitation, not telling us our fates until later. We are being hunted, if caught Kor‘ Mog uses our bodies as spawn bags.” -Journal entry dated 1162 by an unnamed Apostle of Kor’ Mog.

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