Project Soulscape


Project Soulscape is a New Character Roleplaying server for the computer game Terraria. This will be the Official Depository for the Lore of the Land.

Excerpt from the Soulscape Wars

Beyond the view of mortals, a duel happening among The Ancient Ones since the beginning of existence. In this duel entire planets are pawns. The participants are identical in every way. We cannot use the words “Good” and “Evil” to describe either as they are older than time, therefore older than the meanings of such words. Until recently the match has been close each side being able to predict the others next move has brought the duel to standstill as each side weighs it’s options.

The Land

You will notice, the map is Nameless. this area has no true name that anyone can remember. This name will be decided in player based poll after Launch. The Map is divided into: The West, this was the landing point for the Pirate and Merchant Vessels that have discovered this land and the default starting location of new characters and The East AKA The Wilds, this is the Wilderness the explorers encountered after adventuring beyond the edge of the Westlander's Territory.

The West

The East (The Wilds)

Map found Here. I suggest saving the map, so you can zoom in more than browsers typically allow.


Surface Races

Western Races

  • Freelanders (Human)
  • Stellarum (Inhuman)

Eastern Races

Subterranean Races

Perk System

Soulscape uses a perk system as opposed to the traditional Class/Archtype systems most servers use.
All New Characters will be assigned their equipment by an Admin, you will have to discard all starting items except for the Copper Sword.


Each Character can be a member of 1 guild they meet the requirements for at character creation.



There are a few belief systems in the land these are the documented ones

The Ancient Ones

These are a collection of mostly unnamed deities, a few races have attached names to the different aspects of their powers.


  • Side 1
    • The Wanderer (Demon)
    • Lord Farthest (Stellarum)
  • Others
    • Malic, The Watcher (Human): After the disablement of his equipment Malic is now simply and observer of the events.
    • The Sisters (Noah): Gaia and Erocia, Have abandoned the Noah.
    • Wanderer's Herald (Demon): Disappeared
    • Alistarr (Datani): Disappeared

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Soulscape Team
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