Race Name: Shadeling (Hardcore, PVP always on)
Home Region: Any
Religion: Unknown
Starting Equipment: None
Perk Adjustments:
You may select up to 2 perk adjustments from 2 races.

Physical Characteristics: Hair and Skin any color (stranger the better)
Little is known about the Shadelings, but this may soon change.

The Shadelings came to existence 100 years ago, crafted from parts harvested from their Datani progenitors by The Wanderer. Since then, he has moved on to harvesting from other races. Other races knew little of the Shadelings other than events witnessed, until a journal was found tucked away in a hidden corner of a library.

These are chosen excerpts that have been released by the Order of Sages.

“The Final Stages are complete, my creations will please The Wanderer, I hope. It is crude but Nelph, as I have came to call him, is growing well. The Soul Engine, the same design as I used for the Soul Fiends will power the body, but the hodgepodge of parts will only last so long. A maximum of 2 year life span is my estimate."

“The Shadeling subjects seem to be driven by acceptance, like a child. Doing what they are asked, no matter how dark, in the hopes a reward will follow.”

“Nelph’s Arm fell off today, he kept working as if nothing was wrong. It appears that if a limb is removed it doesn’t affect their drive to complete a task.”

“Ingis took a group of Shadelings on a raid today, I am unsure where these new subjects came from as the Shadelings left the bodies in almost unusable condition. We have gathered that they take a certain joy from the screams of pain.”

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