Perk Tree

Perk Tree

At Character Creation you may assign 3 points to any of the following Skill Trees, Max points 2 per perk this is "Specializing" see below. Perk Adjustments granted by race or guild, may be taken instead. Characters will also gain perks after "Quest Events" or personal storyline events.

Tree Name Bonus Equipment Specialization
Sword - Muramasa
Combat (Melee) Warrior's Emblem and Gold Shortsword Flail - Ball O' Hurt
Spear - Spear
Combat (Ranged) Ranger's Emblem and Gold Bow and 250 Normal Arrows 250 Flaming Arrows Instead of Normal
Combat (Magic) Sorcerer's Emblem, Vilethorn and 2 Mana Crystals See Magic Spec.
Combat (Firearms)* Flintlock Pistol and 250 Musket Ball Musket Instead of Pistol and/ or the ability to craft bullets
Traits Mobility Hermes Boots Rocket Boots*
Traits Tank Band of Regeneration Cobalt Shield
Traits Magic Band of Spellpower and 2 Mana Crystals 1 Additional Mana Crystals
Tech Technology Wirecutters & Wrench Engineering & Tinker's Workshop
Tech Building Gold Hammer & Workbench Iron Anvil
Tech Mining Gold Pickax Engineering* and Mining Helmet
Tech Lumberjack Gold Ax Engineering*
Magic Alchemy Alchemy Bench See Magic Spec.
Magic Divination Crystal Ball See Magic Spec.
Misc. Exploration Compass Depth Meter*
Misc. Wealth Copper Watch and Amethyst Silver Watch and Sapphire/ Gold Watch and Ruby
Misc. Utility **

*Technology Perk Required
** This Perk is used for items the character gained during background or background requirements, such as the "Scholary Past" requirement of the Order of Sages.

Specialization (level 2 Perks): Specializing in a perk requires most of a humans life (Bruce Lee and Martial Arts for Example). Most grant the listed item with or instead of the prior granted item.

Tech - Engineering: Ability to craft Advanced Tools Drills, Chainsaws (requires Kenderfa Empire membership).
Magic Specialization: Requires Guild entry
Wealth Specialization: The Wealth Perk may be taken 3 times, gaining the listed Item for each point.

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