Order of Sages

Guild Type: Scholarly
Current Leader: Torrid, Kaeru, Loremaster

Membership Requirements:

Scholarly Past (Special App requirements)

Membership Perks:

Base: The Nexus (Galdor Design)

In the middle of the Gap there is a large shard of land that refused to move during Exodus (The event in which The Gap was formed.) this shard was never given a proper names as the natives refer to it as the Crumbling Mountain. This is home to the Order of Sages and the Scholars which inhabit The Nexus, with its blue block walls and seemingly endless stacks of books. The amount of Lore that has been studied pales in comparison to that which still lurks within the depths of its Library. The word depth is the proper term as the stacks are set into wells under the floor of the entrance hall.
There is living space also, The Nexus is the last human outpost before entering The Wilds. The scholars only ask for information of the outside world, this bothers few as the access to the Libraries upper facilities and a free secure sleeping areas is worth it. Little is actually known about the Order beyond what it publishes in its attempt to document the world.
It is what that goes on underneath the library that summons many to the Order, This is the only area of the Nexus that is Off-Limits to non-guild members.


Each Rank will grant a bonus specific per character.

  • Scribe (Most Members are of this level)
  • Soothsayer (This rank requires Magic - Divination)
    • Fairy Lore - Fairy Bell
    • Access to Lower Levels.
  • Loremaster (There is only 1 Loremaster, upon his/her death the Soothsayers choice a new Loremaster)
    • Oversear of the Guild (Possibly TP to member command, if we can master the Tech.)
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