Kenderfa Empire

Guild Type: Technology
Current Leader: Ripalado Jai'ga

Membership Requirements:

  • Religion: Ancient Ones
  • Technology Perk
  • Must set spawn point in the Kenderfa Empire (Unless on assignment elsewhere)

Membership Perks:

  • Advanced Technology, Engineering Perk

The Kenderfa is a cult, devoted to the Industrial Revolution of the Northmen.

The “Northmen” was first sighted in the Northland region, hence their nickname. They are a very dominant race, and believed that Non-Northmen are sub species. Northmen are all about powers, development and greed. They are very much used to cold temperature, and would easily collapse when entering a tropical or hot region. Despite their cruel nature, they still like to keep their habitat well decorated with beautiful decorations.

Advanced Technology

Clearance Level (CL)
Characters on Assignment have a +1 CL and may select from the following list. (this requires Guild approval).
The use of Advanced Technology by members is limited to Testing areas and Outside of Town Areas, unless used in self defense.

Advanced Armor

Advanced Tools

Members with the Build Perk has CL1. Members with Build Specialization has CL2.

  • Cobalt Drill (CL1)
  • Mythril Drill (CL2)
  • Adamantite Drill (CL3)

Advanced Firearms

Characters that live in the Kenderfa Empire follow these rules
Members with the Ranged (Firearms) Perk has CL1. Members with Ranged (Firearms) Specialization have CL2.
Members with the Magic (Divination) Perk, Combat (Magic), Traits (Magic) or Racial Mana have access to Energy weapons marked with an E also.

  • Handgun (C1) or Space Gun (EC1)
  • Shotgun (C2)
  • Minishark (C2)
  • Clockwork Assault Rifle (C3) or Laser Rifle (EC3)

History Excerpt

From Northmen History

1156 years ago "Farewell to the Emperor, and greetings to his child"
Many rejoice but some whimpers at the death of Emperor Tedomo, he had died of old age however his son Ripalado Jai'ga succeeded his rules.

1165 years ago "Industrial Revolution"
Ripalado is not the warmonger his father was, the Kenderfa were able to rebuild their empire as they started building the underground factories you know today, depleting many of the mountains resources.

After the discovery of mechanisms, Ripalado's great engineers had invented several new equipments such as a rapid firing gun called the Minishark, a rapid mining equipment known as the Drills, a fuel powered flying boots known as Rocket Boots. It was this Industrial Revolution that changed Kenderfa the most with depletion of their natural resources and the influx of Non-Northsmen residents. The Northlands are now a technological Faction, calling for assistance from any and all Engineers.

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