Home Region: The Cursed Flats
Starting Items: Shiny Red Balloon & Diving Gear

Perk Adjustments
Mobility: Gain Cloud in a Bottle lose Shiny Red Balloon
Only female Kaeru, from the last cycle can use Magic, and only males can take the Build Perk.

Physical Characteristics: Skin Tone - All Colors (Including Clothing, Excluding eyes) same shade of Green

The Kaeru (Amphibious erectus) are a breed of amphibious humanoids which inhabit the Galdor aqueducts east of The Gap at the Bottom of "the Mountain". The true name of the region has been forgotten by the turn of millennia but the literal translation is "The Cursed Flats". Having inherited their predecessors muscular legs, webbed hands , adaptation to aquatic environments, an erect stature and most importantly opposable thumbs. Living in a Matriarchal society, the leader being known simply as “Mother”. Its borders are open to all who dare enter The Flats.

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