Illuminated Hunters

Guild Type: Hallowed
Current Leader: Unknown

Membership Requirements:

  • Race: Human
  • No other Guild Ties
  • Ranged Combat (Archery) Perk

Membership Perks:

  • Hallowed - Can craft Holy Arrows and Hallowed Armor

Leadership Perks:

  • Alter Destruction - Pwnhammer

Base: Church Kapadoci.
Orginally formed over 3000 years ago across the Western Ocean in the Country of Elditor. They have came this land while following the floating Island of Deceit. Little is known of their time before landing 200 years ago.

Brief History Excerpt

850 AGP - Rise of the Lichlord
See Island of Deceit.

865 AGP The Hunters

Soon their presence was brought to the attention of The Illuminated Hunters. The Hunters was a group of skilled archers and assassins that worked together to purge the demons and undead from the land. The leader of the guild summoned their newest recruit Jonah. The guild leader told Jonah to become a full member he would have to kill the lord of the cursed castle. Jonah took on the task and gathered 5 senior members to aid in his battle. They waited until night and snuck towards the castle. they slipped in a side gate and went into the main building. It was a ambush once they entered 2 of his companions were flung from the door way into the large fire that covered one side of the room. another one was thrown in the air slamming into the ceiling and falling back down. the remainder of Jonahs party now looked around alert. The lich Geoffrey slipped in behind them killing another soldier. now only Jonah and another archer were left. they spun around and shot the lich with holy arrows causing it great pain but not enough to defeat it. It lunged for Jonah's companion. before it reached it Jonah leapt in front of the lich’s path aiming his shot at the lich’s head. Just before it reached him the lich turned to one side but the arrow still hit near his heart. knowing he couldn't fight like this anymore Geoffrey decided it was time to flee.

The ground began to shake Jonah and his companion knew they had to get out of the castle and fast. they began to flee but the lich sealed the door just after Jonah escaped. stuck behind a magical wall Jonahs
companion was soon slaughtered. Jonah just barely made it out in time to see the castle begin to rise taking a large chunk of land with it.
Jonah knew he had failed and even worse he had gotten the men he had been trusted to lead killed. Jonah made his way back to the guild knowing he wouldn’t become a full member. When he got there the guild master had already found out what had happened. They would have to track down and kill the lich.

1200 AGP - Present
The Illuminated Hunters have followed Deceit to this land after sailing into the Port town to the West. having set up a base of operations out of some church ruins located in the Galdor Ruins east of The Corruption.

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