History - Current

This is a compiled Timeline of all the Races and Guilds current history 1100 - 1200 AGP

1000 AGP - The Dark Ages


  • Datani - "Dark Arrival"

The Wanderer came upon town, bringing with him knowledge from
Beyond. This 'Beyond" the Datani council believed to be the beyond the grave or the stars. The truth is darker and more sinister. The Wanderer a demon in disguise, gave the Datani technology to combat the drought at the cost of the village. Every 10 years for 100 years The Wanderer would send a servant to Brin to collect on it's debt.

  • Kaeru - Evolution Cycle 1

It was at this point the first Kaeru emerged from the Flats, its form, small and weak unable to survive outside the water for too long and unable to fight off the eaters that waited for them above the water. Returning below the flats to learn, it was around this time a Galdor library was found by explorers. Hidden in the Crumbling Mountain.
Unable to completely grasp the technology or magic the Galdor were known for, They did however take to the arts of swordplay. Training in the art of the duel, as was traditional in what we know of Galdor society. Even forming the Rosa School of Combat around the year 1125 (For more on this see Rosa School in Guilds) who’s Kaeru members soon became Mother’s personal guards.

  • Kenderfa "Kenderfa march on Ihoto"

Ihoto was the clan that shared the mountain with the Kenderfa,. 100 years ago Kenderfa Troops were dispatched to seize Ihoto. The proud Ihoto wouldn't give up without a fight…so after 8 bitter years of conflict Kenderfa finally conquered Ihoto. As their flag waved on top of the Ihoto's Palace, a third of its citizens were paraded through Ihoto by their conquerors and brutally executed to bring fear to any of those who tried to oppose the Kenderfa.


  • Datani - "First Sacrifice"

It had been 10 years since The Wanderer had saved them from the drought, and his servant came to Brin to collect his payment. The village guards having forgotten the stories, tried to stop the man. It was at this point the council learned the errors of their ways. It wasn't a man at all but a minor demon, who quickly dispatched the guards. Then turned his attention to his task. Collecting five children which were taken to The Outpost (a hellstone fortress in the outskirts of the Crystal Caverns). The demon left a message for the council, written in the blood of the guards. "Next time i return, I trust that I will not have to kill more of you."


  • Datani - "Another gift from The Wanderer"

This time Brin was ready having already chosen five children for The Wanderer's servant. At this he was pleased, granting the Datani council an almost immortality. With a single touch the member's organs turned to metal and blood turned to oil. Slightly scared but thankful that the touch didn't kill them, turned entirely to fear as the demon explained to them in secret that in order to live the council must devour the souls of the dead. This being an abomination to the Datani religion of spirit worship. a few refused. Those strong enough to fight the hunger perished and those to weak to the fight the hunger but caring to much for there own people fled Brin. This left only 3 council member after the first year.


  • Datani - "The Demon's Fear"

The third time the demon would come calling for the blood of their children, the 3 remaining council members were ready. having sent scouts to find help outside of the Deep Jungle. This help came in an unexpected form, when only one scout returned. His mind having been broken by what he witnessed and his body scarred with strange markings. Claming to be Alistarr, A Datani Spirit Warden from legend. This was the last the scout spoke, for the next year he stayed with the council who believed that he would be the key to breaking their pact with The Wanderer.


  • Datani - "Wage of Souls"

The anniversary of The Dark Arrival came, Alistarr sat alone in the middle of town all the Datani were in hiding for fear of what would happen. The servant appeared as he had the previous visits to Brin thats when Alistarr spoke.
"Do you know who I am?" says a voice coming from around but directly from the scout.
"A fool who will soon be seeing his innards at his feet." The demon replied, as he strained to lift his hand.
Standing, Alistarr drops his robes, revealing the scars now pulsing with purple light. "I am your ending demon, I am Alistarr the Soul Warden and you for to long have been abusing my people." Raising his hand summoning the power of the spirits, a purple light flashed through the village. After the light dimmed both Alistarr and the demon were gone. Elder Sages believe they were both destroyed by the energy.


  • Datani - "The day the Children disappeared."

"So you thought you could break the pact by killing the messenger?" The Wanderer says his voice carrying throughout Brin. "I saved your entire race so you are mine and i will be taking all of your children." with this he snapped his fingers and every child came to his side. "Let this be a warning to you." When one of the council tried to intervene he was ripped to pieces by the children, showing the entire village the council's secret as The Wanderer walked away the children at his heel. The street covered in spilt oil and mechanical organs. This caused the last two members to go into hiding, locking themselves away in their tower (which still stands vacant out of fear of the evil that might be within).

  • Kenderfa "Rebel!"

The people of Ihoto again starting to put their foot down and formed a resistant group against the Kenderfa. Their militias gathered from villages in the woods, and bandits who also hated the Northmen, they build traps and train assassins to drive the Kenderfa out of Ihoto, but even after a bitter struggle, they are no match against the Kenderfa Troops. As warning, the Kenderfa publicly exicute 10 randomly chosen Ihoto civilians most are children and the elderly loved ones of the Ihoto miners.


  • Kenderfa "North divided "

Some of the Northmen do not approve of the Kenderfa’s reign of terror, as it portrayed the every Northmen as monsters. Emperor Tedomo heard of this and issues and arrest for those who disliked the Imperial's reign. Northland itself appears to be bleeding as the rebels were forced to dig their own grave. The mass grave left uncovered, leaving nature to fill in the hole.
One Ihoto named Hudura rises up taking over the leader of the Ihoto resistance. Over the next 3 years his group has became an elusive menace to the Kenderfa Throne.


  • Kenderfa "The Civil War"

Tedomo had enough of this independency of his other region and declared was against all Ihoto. The war was very close to end, as the Kenderfa were about to lose, but all of that quickly changes when Hudura was assassinated. The war ended after the death of Hudura, and Tedomo reunited Northland once again.


  • Datani - "New Order"

Without the council to lead them, the Datani populous set up its own order. deciding they had lost enough as it was and that they would continue to give The Wanderer his dues. This new order abandoned their ancestors spirit worship and moved on technologically. The Datani which had been deemed as primitive to the other races, now was mass producing weapons. Turning Brin into a miniature police state. There leader a man named Elic, choose the children to be sacrificed this next year. waiting with them for The Wanderer to appear to show him that the Datani were truly sorry and wouldn't be trying anything as foolish as they had the prior years. At this The Wanderer was pleased, seeing in Elic's soul that he was a warmonger and would lead the Datani in a bloodbath as they tried to expand beyond the Deep Jungle.

  • Innsmen - “The Nightmare Remembered”

Before 1150 Innsmen could only be seen their faces pressed to the bottom of ice that covered sea. commonly known as Solitude. That was Before Phata, The Fair One unlocked Kor’ Mog, The Nightmare Prison’s door. It was at this point the Apostles of Kor’ Mog started decent into the Vault, the door closing behind them. What had been a clear shaft down to the Neather Realms, was filled with sand. As only The Apostles are allowed to enter The Vault it will take them 10 years to dig down to their master’s cell.

  • Kaeru - Evolution Cycle 2

The second cycle of Kaeru, were stronger than their previous. Able to fight off the eaters, some of which stayed in the Flats the others spread throughout the land known as the Vagabond class (exploration perk) eager to learn the ways of man setting up camps in marshy areas. Those that stayed were split between the Digger class (building perk) and the Matriarchy (Female, wealth perk).
None of these groups have made an specific advancements. But are all on the verge of something amazing. The Vagabond’s working with other races to map the Land, the Digger class has started to master building and the Matriarchy along with overseeing The Cursed Flats and having evolved with the ability to use magic.
This is the Last every entered by Malic, His observation office systems are still online in the year 5016. So the automated system keeps him alive his access to Add Records permissions removed when the vessel was hit by a falling meteorite during the Aurora Testimonium of 1160.


  • Noah

After centuries of solitude, a group of free Noah found the colony of Midnight in the Desert of Glyph. Due to the desert's harsh living conditions, they are not found for ages. This provides them enough time to set up a rudimentary magical lab, which they name the Midnight facility.

  • Kenderfa - "Farewell to the Emperor, and greetings to his child" - 1156

Many rejoice but some whimpers at the death of Emperor Tedomo, he had died of old age however his son Ripalado Jai'ga succeeded his rules.


  • Datani - "20 year Bloodbath"

It was after the 6th anniversary of the Dark Arrival that Elic started his war against all the other races. Deep beneath earth the Datani army marched. This pleased The Wanderer, granting Brin a hold on its debt.

  • Innsmen - “Aurora Testimonium”

Aurora Testimonium, an event that happened every 10 years until 1160, when Farthest’s Comet fell on Solitude. Breaking through the surface, tearing though the Innsmen capitol before destroying the door to Kor’ Mog’s prison. Filling Phata's contract with the Lord Farthest to return his daughter’s soul to its body 3,790 years later and releasing The Nightmare upon the land.

  • Rid’lemen

When the Apostles of Kor’ Mog reached the holding chamber, they saw light. The first light other than their torches they had seen and unaware that six months had passed. This light came from a breach in the wall exposing the Apostles to the Fires of the Underworld. This drove half the men insane as they pushed passed those of stronger will, jumping through the breach into the fires below. There standing a dark corner was Kor‘ Mog who states “Those men were not worthy of the Title of Apostles. For you see my brothers I could have escaped this place at anytime, but I was waiting for the Chosen Ones who will be my heralds. Half of you shall follow me through the Underworld to the Crystal Caverns the other half will be my dinner.”
It was then that 5 of the remaining Apostles sliced the throats of 5 of their companions. For the next two years Kor’ Mog and the Apostles travel through the Underwold.


  • Rid’lemen - “Infernus Isomnium”

Finally reaching the City of Riddles (Kor‘ Mog former home) Settled directly below the Crystal Caverns, this was one of the main waypoints the demons used to traverse the plane. It was during the next 20 the Kor’ Mog sacrificed the Acolytes one by one, to spawn his races’ next School

“Kor’ Mog looked upon the fallen civilization and cursed the Wanderer, It was then that the Fair One appeared to us to offer him a chance to avenge his fallen people, to revoke his current claims to Solitude and take over The city of Riddle. At which time she explains how Brin, a small village in the Deep Jungle above them was the key to whatever the Wanderer was planning. The Nightmare took this offer without hesitation, not telling us our fates until later. We are being hunted, if caught Kor‘ Mog uses our bodies as spawn bags.” -Journal entry dated 1162 by an unnamed Apostle of Kor’ Mog


  • Innsmen - “Whispers among the Fishes”

Aurora Testimonium, was the last that anyone saw of the Apostles of Kor’ Mog. This is the Myth the Innsmen refer to as “Infernus Isomnium or Hell’s Nightmare”. The Innsmen have set up an unnamed village on the surface of Solitude and freed the Noah from slavery by destroying the Sahuagin.

  • Kenderfa - " Industrial Revolution"

Ripalado is not the warmonger his father was, the Kenderfa were able to rebuild their empire as they started building the underground factories you know today, depleting many of the mountains resources. After the discovery of mechanisms, Ripalado's great engineers had invented several new equipments such as a rapid firing gun called the Minishark, a rapid mining equipment known as the Drills, a fuel powered flying boots known as Rocket Boots. It was this Industrial Revolution that changed Kenderfa the most with depletion of their natural resources and the influx of Non-Northsmen residents. The Northlands are now a technological Faction, calling for assistance from any and all Engineers.



  • Datani - "War's End"

Throughout the course of all the battles written about the 20 year Bloodbath. Elic’s troops never made it beyond the Crystal Caverns, Home of the Espers and the self exiled council members (as the Espers are natural Sin Eater, the council worked out an agreement to devour the corruption that grew within each Esper’s soul in exchange for refuge.)

It was at the hand of The council that Elic met his end. Not in bloody combat but as he slept they slowly drank his soul, this act destroyed all but one of the exiled council members. Whom returned to Brin as the only Datani survivor of the final battle. Joining his brothers in The Tower, plotting The Wanderer’s return.


  • Datani - “The Wanderer’s Return”

“What I have taken, I have given back.” The Wanderer said upon his return. The streets empty except for the three remaining members of The Council and one child in a face off. “Ah I see you have met Nelph, don’t you recognize him? He is one of yours. Or should I say many of yours.” at this moment it was as if time seemed to pause. As The Council looked upon this child. Noticing the eyes first one blue one dark blue, one arm shorter than the other even the digits on each hand seemed off. At this the pause was over and the realization that The Wanderer had constructed this figure out of their children, thus giving birth to the bastard race known as Shadelings. “He is a gift for you..” The Wanderer says. Telling Nelph “Be a good boy and make sure all is order for my return.” As he walked away.

1200 The Unnamed Era

  • Datani

Soon The Wanderer will return to Brin for his final collection of the pact. The Datani have also recently made surface contact, Most have fled Brin moving to the surface others have gone to the surface races for help a few remain to see The Unraveling.

  • Noah

The Midnight facility becomes one of the greatest privatized institutions for magical research in the known world, due to the dedication of select Noah. However, alongside this great research is a set of horrible truths and an extremely backward society.

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