Guild Type: Scholarly
Base: Midnight Facility
Current Leader: Elder Rephar

Membership Requirements:

  • No Hallow/ Corrupt Guild ties
  • Tranquility: Magic (Utility) Perk
  • Discordia: Magic (Combat) Perk


The guild has three primary objectives.

  • The study of hallow and corruption using the Midnight facility
  • The protection of the Midnight facility.
  • The safe passage of those who would pass through the desert of Glyph.

The primary objective of the guild is the isolation of elements from Hallow and Corruption that gives clues as to the nature of the Noah's original spirit ancestry. The Noah want to reclaim their claim to power that they had in the olden days. Magic that they have reclaimed from the spirits include:

  • Blood Scry: by sacrificing blood to a newly generated lava bath, one can locate other Noah on the map.
  • Fairy Bell: by performing certain rituals, one can imbue the Orb of Light with more light and with life itself, summoning a Fairy using a Fairy Bell
  • Sea of Cursed Flames: usable only within the Corrupt Sector of the Midnight Facility to protect the facility
  • Night of Broken Stars: usable only within the Hallowed Sector of the Midnight Facility to protect the facility
  • Horn of the Unicorn Telepathy: usable only to those holding a Unicorn Horn, it allows long-distance communication
  • Hail of the Glyph: a hailstorm created in the Desert of the Glyph


Much of this research is also devoted to the potions aspect of magic, as well as such things as fire magic and water magic. The Noah have a few pieces of technology from their former masters, but don't really understand technology themselves. To the average Noah, everything is magical.

Departments of Magic exist within the Essence Guild, separated primarily by the division of Hallowed and Corrupt magic. These departments are co-chaired by the few members of the Noah that exist, and are as follows:

  • The Department of Scrying and Anti-Discrimination

By using Blood Scry and diplomatic relations, this department attempts to locate and free enslaved Noah. Blood Scry requires the blood of the subject to be seen, and so they primarily go out in search of articles of clothing or Shackles belonging to slaves, so they can take them back and do the blood ritual. Having done this, they can find the slaves, even if said slaves are hidden, and rescue them.

  • The Department of Alchemical Affairs

This department focuses on mass-producing crops, making potions of those crops, and marketing those potions to those outside the facility. The profit is then used to support the facility.

  • The Department of Meteorological Perturbations

This department focuses on elemental research about the properties of water, fire, and connecting the two. They wish to innovate types of fire that can interact with water in a way that the world has never seen before. Many underwater cities use chain lanterns, but those are expensive to manufacture. What if torches could stay lit underwater? They also manage the weather of the Desert of Glyph, or more accurately, the hail.

  • The Department of Midnight Management

This department focuses on energizing the Midnight Facility, as well as the tower's financial situation. When not managing the magical energy of the tower, they are in charge of security, and in charge of escorting people from one side of the desert to the other. Their research encompasses meteorite management, copper-based magical conducts, and gold arcane magic amplifiers.

Of course, everyone also studies the effects of Hallow and Corruption. This is universal.


As far as protection of the facility goes, the Noah simply exclude all outsiders, or kill them on sight with arcane magic. Non-Noah can only enter the facility in the presence of a Noah supervisor. Anti-falsehood wards within the facility prevent Noah from lying about whether the person they are with is there for malicious purposes.

The Desert of Glyph is known for magical hailstorms that crush normal passersby. These "magical hailstorms" take the form of a huge line of falling boulders coming down from the sky. Nobody can cross the desert safely without bundling up warmly and traveling with a Noah guide.

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