Island of Deceit

Castle Oblivion

Few actually go to the Castle, This is the most loose knit of all the guilds having no direct leader each member spreading the corruption in their own way the most notable at this time is the Lichlord Geoffrey. So he is treated to be the leader by all Hallowed guild Members.

Brief History Excerpt

850 AGP - Rise of the Lichlord

The Western Coast of Elditor

The lord of Castle Oblivion, Sir Norric looked out the square window beside his desk. Life at the castle was dull and boring they often got visitors but most were beggars. The door to Norrics office swung open breaking his train of thought. His court wizard who had been locked in his study for the last 4 days entered the room. there was a moment of silence then Norric greeted his wizard. The wizard was a small man he was very thin and most of his hair was white from age.

"Geoffrey! finally out of your study i see. Tell me what kept you locked up for so long?" Norris asked.

"why research my lord." replied Geoffrey plainly "I have discovered a secret passage beneath the castle that leads deep into the mountain. I found something inside you might like to see."

"What might that be?"

"My lord I have discovered something for your eyes and ears only. That is all I am allowed to say." replied the wizard

"then by all means lead the way to this passage you speak of." A few hours later the two men arrived in a large room filled with devices that looked as if they had been used for torture. Geoffrey flicked a switch sealing the door behind them and locking the lord of the castle in the torture room with Geoffrey.

"Geoffrey! what is the meaning of this!" shouted Norric.
When norric looked at were Geoffrey was standing just a moment ago he was gone he felt a solid object hit his head just before everything went black. Geoffrey quickly hooked him up to a shrine like device used to sacrifice life in order to extend another’s. He pulled a lever and a spear came sliding own piercing Norrics heart and sucking the blood out through a small tube. The blood emerged in a silver goblet Geoffrey picked it up greedily. Drinking its contents Geoffrey turned ghostly pale eyes glazed over he fell to the floor. Hours later he regained consciousness to find he had transformed into a horrifying creature. He now had pale almost blue skin his head was now a black skull. He went back up to the main floor of the castle and found that all the servants and soldiers had become undead monsters. He and his minions pillaged and destroyed neighboring towns.

865 AGP The Hunters
See Illuminated Hunters.

1000 AGP- Coming of Deceit
Since its ascension Castle Oblivion has been running from The Hunters. This has lead Geoffrey to settle over the Wilds, having floated over the Sea of Solitude.

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