Physical Characteristics: White Hair, Pale Skin
Home Region: Deep Jungle (Village of Brin)
Religion: Spirit Worship
Starting Equipment: Depth Meter
Special: Jungle Engineering - Only race that can craft Blade of Grass, Ivy Whip, Jungle Armor and Thorn Chakram.
Technology Perk (this does not grant Wirecutters and Wrench, but counts for meeting requirements.)

Perk Adjustments:

  • Mobility - Grappling Hook (Specialize: Ivy Whip, specializing in game requires crafting the Ivy Whip)
  • Combat (Firearms) - Ranger’s Emblem & Shotgun and 250 Musket Rounds

Humans hailing from Brin, a small village nestled in Deep Jungle (an isolated jungle located in the Cavern Layer, surrounded by The Crystal Caverns). The Datani are master craftsmen who from the outside it seem like they are lost in time. This was true until nearly a century ago, during The Seizing (A five year drought Caused by Lava blocking water flow into and out of the Crystal Caverns, that ended with the Dark Arrival. See Crystal Caverns “The Seizing“ for more information) They are now actually highly technological and paranoid.

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